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The Social Memory Foam Pillow.

The only pillow that helps to change the world. One pillow at a time.

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The nicest thing for me is sleep, then at least I can dream.

~Marilyn Monroe~

We at ZeeZeeZee love to sleep. In fact, we sleep on our job. Sleeping is our job. We believe that everyone should get a good night sleep so that we can start the day well, face the challenges, conquer the obstacles and take on the world to achieve your dreams.

Good sleep shouldn’t just come from a single mattress or pillow alone. Sleep should be a whole concept, a sleeping lifestyle. So at ZeeZeeZee, we have curated a range of items that will aid in you falling asleep. From mattresses, pillows, essential oils, pets futon beds (Yes, even they need good sleep!), sleep tips and articles to ultimately help you to have a good night sleep. We sell our mattress, pillows online, to cut down the retail rental price, so we can pass this savings to you.

So go on. You had a hard day. You deserve a good night.

Sleep Better, Dream Bigger.
Zee Zee Zee

My guiding principles in life are, to be honest, genuine, thoughtful and caring. ~Prince William~

We pride ourselves as being a Social Enterprise in Singapore that we are not only trying to educate people in the importance of getting enough rest, but we also believe that everyone from all walks of life or income bracket should be able to get enough quality rest.
At ZeeZeeZee, we hope that everyone has a chance for a good sleep.

As such, we have pledged 20% of our profit to help the low-income families, people with disabilities and our senior folks by providing them with a quality mattress.

Social Impact

People with Disabilities:

We reach out to our friends with disabilities that require to spend more time in bed by providing them with a  memory foam plush mattress to help them sleep better. We also provide social support to them as well as their caregivers as we believe their mental well-being is also crucial for good night sleep.

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We also reach out to stay alone elderly thru non-profit organisations who dedicated their time and effort in making sure our elderly have a better place to stay in. We pledge to provide them with free mattress and bedding accessories whenever resources allow.

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Less Privileged Families:

We also pledge to support free or heavily subsided mattresses and pillows for the less privileged children. We believe a good night sleep will help them concentrate better in school and help them achieve better grades and thru that help them achieve a better quality of life.

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Want to help pay-it-forward?

For each purchase, we will donate this pillow to one of the non-profit organisation we have partnered with under your name.

Sleep better, knowing you have help someone sleep better too.

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Our Sleep Corner

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Something for your best friend?

ZeeZeeZee Pets Futon Bed. 20% of sales goes to Guide Dog Singapore.

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ZeeZeeZee Social Memory Foam Pillow

The only pillow that helps to change the world. One pillow at a time.

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Dreams are made here. Make it good.

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ZeeZeeZee Essential Oils

Scent so good, they put ourselves to sleep.

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