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I slept at 10 pm but the next day when I woke up, I am soooooo tired still. Why?

Posted by Goh Tjoei Kok on

Ugh, is it 7:30 a.m. already? If you constantly wake up in the morning exhausted and feel like you're in a fog, here are eight reasons why.

ZeeZeeZee 8 Tips To Sleeping Better

 1. Your room is suitable for a Vampire: Your super thick curtain is preventing sunlight from entering your room and thus your internal clock doesn't know if it's day or night. Exposure to sunlight in the morning will signal to your brain that it's time to wake up. Like the sun, your body will gradually wake up too and you will wake up feeling rested.

2. You need to check social media before bed: We know you are stalking the hottie and it's difficult to disconnect from the world, but when you check your Facebook, it's easy to forget about time. And before you know it, you have spent hours on it. Besides making you miss your bedtime, the lights from your phone stimulate your brain, so when you finally shut off the lights, it takes your mind a while to calm down enough to drift off to sleep. Make a promise to shut off all technology at least an hour before bedtime and read a book, take a bath, or do some stretches before bed instead.

3. You swapped TV over gym: Exercise burns up energy. If you are too hyper, you'll be too restless to sleep. Stick to a regular exercise routine, working out at least three or four times a week. Those "exercises" in the bedroom count too. 

4. You had Char Kway Teow + Oyster Omelette for dinner: Eating too much and having heartburn is especially uncomfortable when you try to sleep. You won't be able to fall asleep or stay asleep if you're burping all the time and suffering from gas. We are sure the gas will keep your partner up too. To avoid this issue, stay away from spicy food, citrus fruits, and other foods that cause indigestion.


5. You are drinking too many Kopi O Kosong: Stay away from the Caffeinated drinks by mid-afternoon. The caffeine will make you too hyper and gassy to relax and sleep. Oh. Keep away from those energy drinks too.


6. You had a couple of beers before bed: Not only does drinking too close to bedtime cause you to wake up and have to go to the toilet, the alcohol can also disrupt with your body's sleeping patterns. You might get KO, but the morning after drinking almost always makes you have a hangover.


7. Your phone is on 24/7:  You need to keep your phone beside your bed for the alarm clock, but you don't need to know you have a whatapps coming in at 3 am. Any small noise can disturb your sleep, and when you wake up to check that text, it can make you feel like you haven't sleep at all. Any other noise like cars racing down the road, the cat is on heat meowing, or your toilet flush in the middle of the night for no reasons especially in the Chinese 7th Month can disturb your sleep too. Get yourself a fan (constant sound) to drown down any noise that can wake you up.


8. You can't stop thinking: Whether it's about the presentation tomorrow, the fight you had with your SO, or you are collecting your new car the next day, all this will keep your mind active and not letting you rest. Keep a notebook and pen next to your bed and jot down lists, reminders, or what you're feeling to get it all out of your system so you can settle down and fall asleep.


Now, if you are reading this in bed. Put down your phone and go get some sleep.

Sleep Better Tips

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