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Social Impact

We reach out to our friends with disabilities that require to spend more time in bed by providing them with a  memory foam plush mattress to help them sleep better. We also provide social support to them as well as their caregivers as we believe their mental well-being is also crucial for good night sleep.
Our FRIENDS include Vivian and Edwin both are with Muscular Dystrophy. We have provided them with free customised mattress for them and their caregiver to help them sleep a little better so they will dream bigger.
We also reach out to elderly thru non-profit organisations who dedicated their time and effort in making sure our elderly have a better place to stay in. We pledge to provide them with free mattress and bedding accessories whenever resources allow.
We partner ourselves with Helping Joy, a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to helping stay alone elderly with a physical or mental disability, were living in cluttered, unhealthy conditions, and needed help to restore their homes to a healthy state. Each home was cleared and cleaned and, if needed, maintained on a monthly basis. We provide them with free mattresses, pillows whenever resources allow.

We also pledge to support free or heavily subsided mattresses and pillows for the less privileged children and their families. We believe a good night sleep will help them concentrate better in school and help them achieve better grades or focus better at work and thru that help them achieve a better quality of life.

We work with AWWA providing them 3 fold mattresses at cost through their outreach projects.

We continued to pledge 20% of our profit to help on these projects as we strongly believe everyone deserves quality sleep.