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DPM HOME Mattress RS26


DPM HOME Mattress RS26


The Point-To-Point Relief System is precisely configured according to scientific data, including your height, weight and sleeping habits. Designed to fit the contours of your body, the system relieves pressure on your shoulders and hips and supports your lower back for total comfort.

CoupleFit® Design creates custom-fit sleeping zones for couples who have different body shapes and needs, providing individualized support and comfort for a tailor-made sleep experience.

Open-case® design: Mattress features a flexible, modular design that allows you to change your Point-To-Point® Relief combinations as your body changes. Offering the ultimate in customisable support and pressure distribution, its modular design allows for convenient, thorough cleaning and optimum hygiene.

Individual Pocket Coils provide customized Point-To-Point® support for every inch of your body. 

Certified premium quality: the top exterior cover features high-quality materials, finest Belgian craftsmanship, premium design, and modern styling